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It is our commitment to provide top-notch, professional service, be responsive to requests, diligent in our efforts, accurate and thorough in our endeavors. 

We contribute to our clients’ prosperity by providing one of the best insurance products available in today’s marketplace and have developed our reputation within the insurance community as a company with a keen sense of purpose and a commitment to quality. 

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CAA Value Insurance PlanTM 

The CAA Member Insurance Program offers a wide array of coverage options for owners and management companies of all types of rental housing and commTMercial properties. Designed specifically for CAA Members, the program assures long term market competitive rates. Enjoy comprehensive coverage and competitive cost savings that only members can enjoy. The plan can meet the needs of the CAA Members, regardless of size, from the single property to multi-location, multi-state operations. 

For more information regarding the California Apartment Association please see their website, and for highlights regarding the program please visit,

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Proudly endorsed by the NSPS!  

As a professional land surveyor, you know that your business' success depends on precision. That's why you make sure that your measurements are exactly right. 

Having exactly the right insurance coverage is equally important for your business. And when it comes to selecting an insurance program, you need one that protects your business against the unique exposures you face every day. 

That's precisely why Assurance Risk Managers and its offerings are now endorsed by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). For more information regarding the National Society of Professional Surveyors 
please see their website,

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Hotel/Lodging Program

Offering various comprehensive insurance products and services to meet all your needs as a hotelier and lodging alike. These products are designed to help our members maintain necessary coverage, manage costs and avoid risk.

With our program, you get much more than an insurance policy. You get the support of highly experienced claims professionals. And that’s especially important when it comes to workers compensation, liability and property claims. 

Contact us for more information regarding the Hotel/Lodging Program or for highlights regarding the program.

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